At Miwok Valley we have a talented and experienced staff that allows us to implement an EL Education model in our instructional program.  Our program emphasizes deep learning, where students and teachers engage with big ideas over an extended course of study.  Many subjects are integrated into a project to build complexity of understanding, with a focus on Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, Character, and High Quality Student Work.  

In 2016 Miwok Valley was named a Top Five Sonoma County 50/50/50 School for Academic Achievement in Literacy (at least 50% English Learners/ 50% Latino students/ 50% Free and Reduced Lunch recipients).


Other Miwok Valley accomplishments include:

  • A complete modernization of the Miwok Valley campus

  • Increasing our Music program by 600% to include TK-6th grades.

  • Increasing our Counseling Services by 100%

  • Increasing our Reading Intervention program by 80%

  • Attaining a rate of 40% Proficient in English with our English Learners

  • Implementing new Math Curriculum (Bridges and CPM)

  • Implementing a new instructional framework (EL Education)

  • Creating new cultural programming and events (Latino Heritage Day)

  • Receiving multiple grants in support of various programs and projects such as Literacy, Performing Arts, 6th Grade Camp, and our Miwok Valley Garden.

The majority of our teachers have 20+ years experience in teaching, many at Miwok Valley!  Languages that our staff speaks include Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Guarani. We have 385+ students at Miwok Valley.  There are 70% Latino students, 25% Caucasian, 3% French Creole, and 2% Asian.

A complete modernization of the Miwok Campus was completed in 2015-2016, which included the installation of new playgrounds, reconfigured student bathrooms, ADA accessible walkways and classrooms, enhanced lighting and new interior learning spaces.  Miwok Valley enrichment programs during the school day include Music for TK-6th grades, Science, Computers, PE, and Library.  We offer after-school programs, summer school learning, and summer camp programs all on site.  Our current educational partners include the Sonoma County Office of Education (Michael Fullan Coherence Cohort), Schools of Hope, Mentor Me, Sonoma County Safe Routes to Schools, Fit for Life, and EL Education.  

 School Mission:

Our school mission and highest priority is the quality education of our students so that they may be better equipped to achieve their life's goals and desires. At Miwok Valley Language Academy we nurture our students, help build life-long friendships, and empower them to be independent and responsible thinkers, giving them skills to become citizens that can impact the world around them in a positive manner.

The rich cultural diversity at Miwok Valley has supported a World Languages focus for our charter program. Students study the foreign language of their choice out of the 20+ available in our program.  This study provides students an incredible orientation and perspective on our modern world.  Through language we can understand our shared history, our diversity of cultures, the ideas that shaped our past, and the dreams that will determine our future.  Language study activates parts of the brain that are key to the development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in children, and is best begun at an early age.  

 Our teaching and instruction this year will take on an experiential learning focus.  Experiential learning allows teachers to be more creative and artistic in their teaching, and allows students to study topics in depth while combining skills from different subjects.  This new direction will be challenging, exciting and motivating for teachers and students alike.



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